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Wichita DUI Defense Lawyer

DUI arrests and convictions can detrimentally impact your future in numerous ways. Your driver’s license will automatically be suspended unless you challenge the suspension within 10 days after your arrest. Repeat offenses can lead to felony-level convictions and jail time. Even a first-time offense can permanently mar your criminal record.

Consulting with a criminal defense attorney is a critical step in challenging the charges, mitigating the consequences and protecting your driving privileges. At The Law Offices of Michael J. Studtmann, P.A., in Wichita, our DUI attorney has nearly 30 years of experience protecting the rights and interests of clients from all walks of life. Our firm is committed to obtaining the best possible outcome in every case. We invest the time, resources and individualized attention necessary to accomplish that goal.

In DUI cases, swift action is critical to preserving your rights. Take advantage of a free initial consultation with our attorney by calling 316-854-2037 or contacting us online.

We handle not only criminal court proceedings, but also DUI-related administrative hearings affecting your driving privileges.

High-Caliber DUI Representation

Our firm provides capable representation in all levels of DUI cases. Such charges can stem not only from alcohol, but also from illegal drugs and prescription medications. In each type of case, we understand how to effectively challenge the state’s evidence and present a strong defense.

In many cases, what happens before trial can have a powerful effect on the outcome of the case. Suppressing evidence or challenging the legality of the law enforcement officer’s actions can lead to a dismissal of the entire case. Our attorney will closely analyze the circumstances of your arrest to determine whether the law enforcement officers:

  • Had a legal basis for conducting a traffic stop
  • Had a legal basis for conducting field sobriety tests
  • Administered field sobriety tests in a proper manner
  • Advised you of your right to remain silent before arresting you

We will work diligently to uncover every piece of evidence and develop any legal argument in your favor.

A Valuable Network Of Connections And Resources

Our firm maintains an expansive network of connections within the community that serves as a distinct advantage for our clients. This referral network includes not only other attorneys and legal professionals, but also expert witnesses, treatment resources, community programs and court services.

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