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Wichita Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Domestic disputes frequently give rise to false or inflated charges. Police officers generally will not leave the scene of a domestic dispute without arresting someone. Often, though, there is more to the story. In many cases, there are no eyewitnesses, and the outcome may boil down to who is more believable in convincing the prosecutor or jury regarding what happened.

At The Law Offices of Michael J. Studtmann, P.A., in Wichita, our domestic violence defense attorney has nearly 30 years of experience protecting the rights and freedoms of clients facing all types of criminal charges. We are committed to developing winning strategies in every case. Our attorney and staff devote the time, resources and individualized attention necessary to achieve favorable outcomes.

A Skilled Negotiator And Experienced Trial Attorney

When you meet with our attorney, he will walk you through your options for challenging the charges. In some cases, you may be able to reduce the charges and mitigate the consequences through plea bargaining. Attorney Studtmann is a skilled negotiator who has established solid working relationships with the local district attorneys. He understands how to leverage the strengths of clients’ cases and the weaknesses of the state’s arguments to his clients’ advantage.

If your case does proceed to trial, however, you can rely on our diligence, knowledge and experience in protecting clients’ rights and interests. Our lawyer has developed a respected reputation in the legal community for his effective advocacy both inside and outside the courtroom.

A Local Firm With Roots In The Community

As a well-established firm in the Wichita area, we have developed an extensive network of contacts and referrals in the community. Clients benefit from our ties to local resources, community programs and court services.

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To discuss your case with our attorney during a free initial consultation, call The Law Offices of Michael J. Studtmann, P.A., at 316-854-2037 or toll free at 888-761-7087. Internet conferencing appointments are available. We offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards.